Interview @ The Underground Playground, Williamson Tunnels, 2013

Interview from The Williamson Tunnels when we played at The Underground Playground for The Lemon Collective…check them out, they have some great nights coming soon!
Check out our interview and our track “Blizzard Sessions” (oddly-reverb-soaked) as of around 30 minutes in!
Also see the interview with Roller Trio – a 3 piece Jazz outfit from Leeds – they’re amazing!
Check out The Lemon Collective here:

TFBTS on SoundCloud

TFBTS on SoundCloud


Lots of tunes to be found on here…most that aren’t on our youTube…come have a listen!

All the tracks on our Soundcloud page are written, produced and recorded by members of The Fire Beneath The Sea. The tracks here are mainly the rappers in various forms over beats produced by us, a little different in sound to our live band but with the exact same ethos, message and feeling behind every track.

Please let us know what you think :)